4 Reasons to Use Steel Buildings for Sports Centers

When building a new facility to serve as a recreation or sports center, the best choice may be a steel building. The steel building industry provides prefabricated structures that are transported and built on site. The strength of the steel construction and the engineering of the steel provides a strong structure that can be used for diverse projects.

1. Ease of Construction

These buildings are prefabricated and can be constructed by a contractor or the dealer. In most cases, a recreation building will be built on a concrete pad, allowing for increased stability. Once the pad and exterior shell is constructed, the interior can be built out to meet a variety of needs. Smaller buildings similar to a storage shed or pole barn are often constructed by a group of friends or employees. Larger building such as those needed for a basketball court or recreation center will require professionals.

2. Open Spaces for Sports

Many sports require a large open area devoid of support beams or poles. Most sports facilities are not the size of steel-constructed A T & T Stadium, but will require at least 100′ of clear space. Steel buildings provide this flexibility. Most dealers are able to provide standard packages up to 150′ wide, and usually up to 300′ with the help of design engineering. This flexibility makes steel buildings the best option for recreation.

3. Multiple Uses

Though the focus of the building may be sports, meeting rooms, offices, and classrooms will most likely be part of the design. With the use of a prefabricated steel building, the interior design is totally up to the user. It can also be changed over time without worrying about things like load bearing walls or other structural issues. With drop ceilings and sheetrock walls, the non-sports area can be built out just as any building.

4. Maintenance Plan

With structural warranties of 50 years and roof warranties of 25 years, these buildings are built to last with minimal maintenance. They are impervious to water, pests or other issues that must be dealt with other construction materials. It is necessary to properly maintain windows, doors, and other accessories. As with all buildings, proper drainage around the foundation also needs to be maintained to keep the structure strong.

The use of steel in building construction can be found throughout the industry. From using steel wall studs in a house to the exterior shell, steel provides longer life and flexibility in the structure. Using steel for sports and recreation centers is in many cases the only option to truly meet the needs of the end users.

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