6 Benefits of Using Steel Frames in Construction

For the past few years, steel buildings have become the center of focus in the construction industry. Their popularity is due to the many benefits and advantages they offer. Here is a list of six advantages of having a steel building.

1. Improved Safety

Steel buildings are known to resist fire more than wood frame structures. Unlike wood, steel is not affected by termites, bugs, rodents, mold or fungi. It does not require expensive pretreatment chemicals or other preventive techniques before and after construction. Not to mention, steel frames are well grounded and are resistant to massive forces or lightning.

2. Easier Installation

All steel frames are designed in such a way that they can accurately fit simultaneously, with one end of skidding into the other. This means constructors do not have to buy exceptional fasteners or use a large labor force to install steel frames. No cutting, hammering or retaining long, bulky and hefty planks is required.

3. Improved Construction Speed

It takes much less time to construct a building using steel than wood and other materials. This is very important given the fact that people nowadays want to complete projects ahead of schedule and minimize spending. Since they want to complete such projects on time without taking shortcuts and compromising on quality, most people use steel. All the necessary parts of the steel are re-engineered to a specific design inside a manufacturing plant and transported to the site when they are ready to be installed, speeding up the construction time significantly.

4. Cost-Effective

It is very cost-effective to use steel. Much of the cost savings come from reduced labor and decreased construction time. People also save money through lifetime and first-time savings. For example, rather than paying landfill fees, construction companies can recycle steel building components to avoid extra expenses. Constructors can also save on frequent repairs and maintenance since steel buildings are durable. Maintenance and repairs are minimal, even over the course of 50 years or more.

5. High Level of Versatility

The level of versatility steel offers is unparalleled. From the ability to be molded to almost any shape to its capability to form wood-like siding and shingle-esque roofing patterns, the versatility steel offers make it an attractive option for builders. Architects love steel because it allows them to actualize their artistic imaginations and at the same time construct a building that is safe and resilient.

6. Environment Friendly

Steel makes it possible to recycle it components at the end of its lifespan. That is why builders who use steel earn major points in green building certification programs. In addition, steel buildings are energy efficient. They are airtight and comfortable, ensuring that the building has proper insulation.

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