Top 5 benefits of steel buildings

Steel buildings are increasingly becoming popular. Their consistency and durability offer a definite advantage over on-site buildings. Homeowners are finding it a better alternative to traditional buildings. Initially, structural steel was only used in warehouses, and garages today they make very comfortable residential homes. Here are their top five benefits.

1. Cost-effective

Steel buildings are definitely cheaper to build with than traditional onsite buildings. Procuring and casting metal costs less than cement, brick, wood, and stones. You are also saved from installing heat cooling devices since steel buildings roofs have heat deflecting coatings.

2. Time saving

Time is indeed money, so when you save time in your building process, you have actually saved money. Since most of the work is done at the factory, you can expect to spend very little time on assembling the building. Additionally, the steel parts are pre-engineered at the factory with a specific design you can expect to reduce the human error aspect that is often encountered in traditional buildings

3. Versatility

The design patterns for buildings built with structural steel are unlimited. Architects enjoy working with steel since it allows for their imaginations to run wild. As a homeowner, you can think of an idea and let your architect play with it. The architect can then use his creativity and imagination to create a building that is really stunning. Most of the structurally outstanding designs today have been constructed using steel.

4. Durability

Steel is very durable and amazingly strong. As a matter of fact, it has the highest strength to weight ratio in comparison to other building materials. It is also very light compared to wood. I know this is surprising because if you take a 2 x 4 steel beam and the same dimensions wood beam the wood beam will be heavier but its framing capabilities cause it to become light. Other than that, steel can be engineered to withstand ravaging and seismic winds. It also remains unchanged through fires so even in times of fire disasters; the building will remain strong.

5. Low maintenance

Compared to wood buildings, steel buildings are maintenance free. This is because steel does not wither over time due to weather conditions. It can rust, but it only takes a painting exercise to restore the glory. Wood buildings, on the other hand, will waste away from water, termites and other insects that eat through wood. Again steel is 100% recyclable so when you need to bring the building down or change the design you can reuse the steel for other purposes.


The benefits that accrue from steel structures are numerous. However, these are the five top ones to persuade your decision if you were not sure if you should build with steel or not.

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